Performance Rules

Open Mic at Footnote
Performance Rules

  • Performances slots are based on a lottery draw which will be held at 6:15 PM.  Performers will draw a number at random and then in the order of the numbers drawn the performers will select a time slot. You must be present by 6:15 to draw.
  • Performances will start promptly at 6:30 PM
  • Performers are allowed to play up to 3 songs.  Please be mindful of your set up and introduction times to allow adequate time for the other performers.
  •  We ask that you remember that you will be playing in a public setting and we are likely to have families with kids, so be mindful of that and don't select songs that would be inappropriate for this venue and audience.
  • Please have your instruments tuned and you are ready to play when it is your turn.  That will help minimize the set up time and allow more time for us all to play.
  • We are not allowing user provided amplifiers, all instruments, will go through the provided PA system and bass amplifier.
  • There will be a stage manager who will help you adjust the equipment and help you connect your instruments to our PA system.  Please follow his instructions.
  • There will be a PA manager.  He will adjust your vocal and instrument volumes from the mixer to get the correct volume levels and balance between group members.  Please follow his instructions.  He will tell you when he is all set and ready for you to start playing.
  • The stage manager or the PA manager will tell you when it is ok to plug in and unplug your instruments.  This will prevent the loud popping sounds from the PA system.
  • Make sure that you have fresh batteries in your instruments and have a spare with you.
  • We will be taking pictures and videos and we may post them on social media to help promote our event.  If you do not want us to post your videos or pictures please let us know.
  • And last, but certainly not least, go out there and have fun!

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